The time for talk is over. May 3rd is our one and only chance to make a stand for St John’s. We all know what is happening to our once fine hospital.

We all know that the progressive downgrade we are seeing at St John’s is happening throughout Scotland. Monklands, Ayr, Queen Margaret, The Vale of Leven,…this is the NATIONAL roll call of shame.

There are many issues which will influence our choice of vote. All are laudable. All are worthy of our time and consideration. But our hospitals, and indeed the NHS in Scotland, cannot be put back together once they have been pulled apart. For them there is no second chance.

So on Thursday May 3rd the SDC team have no hesitation in suggesting that your Scottish Parliamentary vote should be for whichever party you believe will stop the downgrade of St John’s.

We believe that our Action to Save St John’s Hospital candidates represent all that is best in local democracy.

They will serve your interests well if elected. Do remember that for the Council election, giving them either your 1st or 2nd vote will guarantee their success.

We know that the people of West Lothian will do the right thing in respect of their local hospital.